Labour Cost –> down.

Lead Stats –> up.

Goodbye, Paperwork!

Our co-founder Vish has spent most of his life in the Real Estate Industry; in fact, he has been
running his own boutique agency for the past decade with the help of – you guessed it – Virtual Assistants! While the VA’s take care of the deskwork, Vish is out in the field (or glued to his phone) chasing up leads and forging lasting relationships with his clients and still has the spare time to kick back and enjoy the spoils of his smart labour.

The Rock to Your Roll!

Real Estate is one of the last industries that genuinely relies on face-to-face interaction and personal services – and you can’t do that if you’re stuck behind a mountain of reports, applications and maintenance requests. Hiring a VA means your team can focus on growing your business and put all their energy into profit-building tasks, while the rest is quietly taken care of remotely. Sounds epic? That’s because it is.


  • Prepare Appointment to Act forms
  • Prepare marketing packages
  • Assist with appraisal letters
  • Schedule open-for-inspection times
  • Send entry notices
  • Upload properties on and Domain
  • Add clients on CRM
  • Assist with buyer enquiries
  • Prepare and send sales contracts to buyers/vendors and solicitors
  • Data mine for owner detail on Pricefinder, RPData and Whitepages
  • Organise property maintenance
  • Handle lease renewals
  • Process arrears
  • Process tenant applications
  • Liaise with tenants for inspections
  • Assist with daily banking
  • Process all owner bills and invoices


Real Estate is what we love – so if you are looking for a Virtual Real Estate Assistant, this is the place to start. We believe in giving every agency a chance to maximise their potential, increase their profits and let their agents do what they do best. Contact us today and change your business forever!

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