Our Story

In the beginning

Kris and Vish have been best buds for more than a decade – longer than some modern marriages! (looking at you Kim Kardashian!)

Kris runs an IT company and Vish a real estate agency, and wouldn’t you know it, they’ve both had VA’s to help them pull through the menial tasks of day-to-day business. The VA’s were fantastic supporters and office aids, but the problem was, as it always is, cost!

Kris and Vish had signed up with some of the bigger agencies in Australia but found they were really just paying for the managers, supervisors and overheads in overseas offices. What a cop-out! In the end, the cost was just too high to sustain.

But wait! There’s a happy ending to this story of doom and gloom and overpriced outsourcing woes! As it turned out, Vish had connections. No, not to the mafia – to hard-working people in the Philippines!

Being from the Philippines himself, Vish’s family runs a business over there, so he and Kris were able to source their own admin assistants at half the rate and skip past all the greedy third parties. They really stuck it to the man!

It didn’t take them long to notice the amount of money and time they were saving by taking this short-cut. Eventually, they decided they just couldn’t keep this to themselves! And so, Time2Outsource was born – a company that helps other companies leverage their costs and time efficiently.